About the Author

Joe Martelle believes in good…and evil…and that life is not meant to bring us meaning. We are meant to bring meaning to life.

He resides in rural Eastern Ontario with his wife and three precious children. An author of three books to date, Joe is also an editor, journalist and columnist for a number of media sources. As a short-story writer and freelance writer, his literary works have been published throughout North America in both Christian and mainstream media.

As a journalist with a lifetime of print-media experience, Joe continues to use writing as a venue to connect not only his readers to the community, but also to link the community to his readers.

As a spokesperson, Joe is just as comfortable in the boardroom as he at the pulpit.

A proponent of taking the message outside the walls of the traditional church building, Joe has been instrumental in developing a number of unique and contemporary outreach and recovery ministries ranging from coffee houses to dirt-track racing evangelism. He has delivered messages of evangelism to church communities for the better part of three decades.

One thought on “About the Author

  1. Joe is a wonderful person, so loving and, caring, my husband and I are blessed to be able to call Joe ad his wonderful family, friends, wait, they are more then friends,they are family.


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