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Its January fourth. What now? Watching the birds flutter and frolic from the other side of the window, observing the continuous traffic of hungry beaks as they energetically employ their daily emptying of the sunflower seeds and cracked corn from the feeder, that is the question. What now? In the Lord’s year 2021, in the […]

It is getting harder and harder to hold my tongue when the immigration loonies come out into plain view. You know the people I mean? Those who go on and on (and on…and on…and on) about how all these “immigrants” are ruining this nation. My most recent encounter, of what is fast becoming my largest […]

After it’s all over. Once life’s last sentence is punctuated. After the decades of words in stories and books and articles and emails…and social media posts, the only two words that will really matter are the words ‘wife’ and ‘children’. Happy Father’s Day.

Sex. I guess I thought the good stuff was going to be the sex. And maybe the travel. The post-marriage trip to the Maritimes, perhaps a trip or two here-and-there to Myrtle Beach or Niagara Falls and the occasional weekend getaway between endless days of romantic bliss. Yeah, exercising all the wisdom of a person […]

  Every August they say it again. As the first of the month rolls around, friends, family and casual acquaintances will take the time to congratulate us on another year of marriage. They mention how we have managed to keep our relationship alive so long in a world where the life expectancy of matrimony seems […]

As a fiction writer, my best stuff, the stuff that the limited collection of faithful readers that actually seem to enjoy the most, is the fodder of fear. Tales of terror from the dark side…stories about ghostly visitors on stormy nights, haunted highways and the primal feelings that men keep hidden in their minds…and hearts…and […]

Happy Canada Day and welcome to the new This is my little space, my tiny corner of a vast and endless galaxy of the written word. Words are a fascinating thing. Strung together in the right format, they can mend hearts, inspire greatness and unite nations…or just as easily break hearts, enrage populations and […]

Is writing, or any art form for that matter, an avenue to bare your soul to the world…or a means to hide from it?

God or no God? You know, If we took the time and energy we use trying to convince each other how much better the world would be without (or with) a God…and applied that energy to performing small acts of random kindness instead…the world would actually be much better.